Razor with Brush & Comb Cap

vegan cruelty free


  • Easy hair removal
  • For cheek area, eyebrows and upper lips

40.00 AED

Chella - Razor with Brush and Comb Cap - Beauty Binge
Razor with Brush & Comb Cap

40.00 AED

How to use
How to use:
1. For best results, gently hold the skin taut. 2. Holding the razor at an angle, gently stroke the razor in a downward motion to remove the applicable hairs. Care Tips: After each use, using alcohol or peroxide, carefully wipe the razor head brush & comb, and let air dry.

For a touch-up, Chella’s razor with brush & comb cap grooming tool is used for hair removal in delicate areas including, eyebrows, cheek area and upper lip.

Vegan | Organic

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Razor with Brush & Comb Cap

  1. Sherri H

    I just recieved my razor with brush., i finally got to try it out on my eyebrows and areas on my face., this razor does a amazing job cutting and trimming hair, it is definitely sharp!, the brush and comb that is attached comes in handy! I like that i can use either one, to smooth and straigten my eyebrows. This is a must have item, that makes my Read more about review stating Amazing Little Tool!life a lot easier, when it comes to shaving and grooming any facial hair!

  2. Valerie D

    Love this product. Helps me to keep looking groomed between waxing.

  3. Candace P

    I love this tools so much. It is so great for those smaller areas on your face that need a quick touch up! Lip, between eyebrows and around eye area. I love this bc I hate having to tweeze. Definitely a must have!

  4. Jennifer N

    I love the eyebrow razors! They’re great for touch ups and great to shape eyebrows on little ones!

  5. Jennifer V

    Works great for brows and a nice highlighter. will continue to buy products from this company!

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Chella - Razor with Brush and Comb Cap - Beauty Binge
Razor with Brush & Comb Cap
40.00 AED
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